Gisd issue?

Started by j meyer, July 18, 2015, 02:28:07 PM

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QuoteMichael did you try with your model before your treatment,too?
Because the effect should be visible there as well.It shows up
on imported models,procedural models (TG cube etc) and terrain.
You just need the 'right' lighting conditions and angles between

Well I do have some parts that are set up basically like your example. But did not see the visual effect you demonstrated until I averaged. Now I can see it in a few places mostly regardless of the lighting. I just meant to say that you can get an effect that is the same or at least visually similar because of normals... I mean so that someone who sees this thread will know that there is a potential other reason for the visual effect that you showed.

The reason I thought normals may be in play for you is because of your object thread and my telly object thread. In those I learned that because I use maya I have to average/fix normals manually, but everyone else was getting "fixed" normals automatically, i.e., they were importing the same/similar objects from their modelers without issue. SO I thought maybe your modeler too, is exporting normals creating or adding to the visual effect that you showed.
Thats all.
It has been eaten.