Moving multiple keyframes on imported cameras

Started by briareos_kerensky, July 22, 2015, 09:23:09 am

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Hello everyone,

I have a set of cameras exported from 3ds Max as FBX; all of them import fine in Terragen: movement and rotation are fine, but not the world coordinates. Well, the coordinates are imported correctly too, but all cameras are animated around 3ds Max's scene origin (x/y/z 0/0/0) and of course Terragen places them at the same point, resulting in cameras below the ground and/or going through other terrain features.
I've tried to select all keyframes in the animation panel and move them, hoping to move the whole animation around the Terragen's world, but with no success. Am I missing something?

I can't really move the camera in 3ds Max or move the terrain in Terragen for two reasons: the same camera is to be used on different terrains; I'm working with tiled GeoTIFFs to recreate real world terrain and often using render groups to have one terrain with multiple camera and/or lighting conditions.


You should be able to move all keyframes by selecting them and moving in either the Dope Sheet (moving in *time*), or the Curve Editor (adjusting relative values). You need to have your parameter selected in either case (e.g. Camera Position -> X axis) and you can only edit one axis at a time. To select keyframes in the curve editor you drag a selection box or click directly on them. They turn from white to orange. To add to the current selectio, hold down Shift. In the Dope Sheet you can move multiple animated parameters at a time (e.g. X, Y, and Z axis), but it's only shifting in *time*, not location.

- Oshyan