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Started by Hannes, July 30, 2015, 04:59:46 am

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Since I can't edit my older posts I decided to start a new thread instead of continueing the old one (,20136.0.html ).
Here is the final mix of four sequences taking some of Kadri's and Ulco's tipps into account. Thanks guys. Great ideas.
The movie is small and rendered at quite low quality, but since it's long and there are some localised clouds with "receive shadows from surfaces" on, it took a long time to render the whole thing. So I guess there will be no high res version.
I decided to not upload it to Vimeo or similar sites, because I don't like what it looks like there. It's low quality and furthermore highly compressed, so that it's less than the allowed 5000KB. I won't imagine how it would have looked at Vimeo. Hope you like it.


Looks nice Hannes. Wish we could see it in high quality.
The last scene looks like a helicopter flyby,sweet :)


Man thats cool. You should take Oshyan up on the offer to render at HD for you!
It has been eaten.


Well, I'd love to, but I guess this is really a Big Mac. More than 1000 frames (if there is no transition). And some big files to gather...


That would be soooooo great in HD!
Perhaps simple 720p is enough? And not too crazy with rendertime?

May I fiddle a bit with some seconds of a soundtrack, I made some years ago? Alternatively I can also send you a mp3 (I have the feeling that some seconds match)


Cool, of course! What kind of music is it?


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Some very nice scenes in there! I'd love to see if we could render it at higher quality/resolution for you Hannes. Let me know if you're up for gathering all the files and giving it a shot. :)

- Oshyan


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Love the opening sun through the trees, really cool! At the end, was the fire composited?


Thanks, guys.
Oshyan, I'll gather the scenes and see, how big the files are, OK?
Btw, there are some things that won't be too noticeable in this low quality: the trees are animated in the first two scenes, which works quite well. Unfortunately the tree trunks are wobbling as well, but since the sun beams (hopefully) catches the eye, it won't be too obvious.

@Dorianvan: no, the fire is in the scene. Actually it is no fire at all, but just an orange light source and a small localised cloud layer with an animated cloud fractal.


Just magical Hannes.
+1 for a HD render



As promised, Hannes  :)

Unfortunately it's too big for uploading here so I put it to youtube, but as "not listed" because I cannot post something "as mine" what I only worked on a little bit.

Hope I could give it a little additional mystic - enjoy.

j meyer

Very nice!
Now for part 2 with flying dragons and rumbling knights etc. ;)


Thanks a lot, Nils!!!!
What a difference! This is a great example, how important music can be for a film.

I totally forgot, that you offered this. Getting old is still no fun.... ;)