TG2 crashed while rendering

Started by ThinkPink, August 13, 2007, 08:30:36 AM

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That's not really funny   >:(

It is the 3rd time, that TG2 TP 1.8.76 crashed during the full rendering. It's always at the same point after 3h and several minutes (see error message below).

The error occurs in the full render mode (crop region: left or right image side or full image mode) when the top of the image is done and the render wants to continue with the bottom (foreground).
The foreground are shaders like this:

Render settings are:  800x600; quality: 0.85;  AA: 3;   GI 0/0
Render effects:  contrast: 0.85; gamma cor.: 1.9

In the quick render mode with lower quality settings (0.25) the render runs very well. But that couldn't be an option  :(

While I write this I try a last render with the quick mode and the setting above

Do you have any ideas?


I can imagine the function-based displacements are quite memory-intensive. So maybe you have a problem with your available memory? I don't know your macine specs.
A work-around for these kind of problems could be to render it in cropped sections with slight overlaps and merge them in photoshop. If you plan on doing that you probably have to disable GI since it won't reproduce exact lighting for each time you re- render/open the scene.
It's strange you didn't get any error-code.



Actually, GI is disabled on this one.  If you could provide the .tgd, Oshyan or someone else could use it for some troubleshooting. - A great Terragen resource with models, contests, galleries, and forums.


Quote from: old_blaggard on August 13, 2007, 10:41:37 AM
Actually, GI is disabled on this one.  If you could provide the .tgd, Oshyan or someone else could use it for some troubleshooting.

Oops, looked over that  ;D


Thanks for help!
@Tangled-Universe: Memory should not be the problem, or ..... perhaps ....  :-\
The Render machine is a HP Intel 2Core (3 GHz) with 2 GB RAM. It was rendered in cropped sections. TG has got one CPU completely the other CPU was idle. It was rendered in cropped sections. First i cropped it in left/right. Then TG crashed  after rendering the top and starting with the bottom (after nearly 4 hours!). Then I cropped ist in Top/bottom and started with the bottom. There TG chrashed after a few seconds. Ther must be something with the bottom.
If I reduce the render quality to 0.36 the render will run!

@old_blaggard: I disabled GI 'cause I use the Fill-light-clip from Oshyan. By now, TG is rendering the second and the third part (upper left and upper right with 0.85 quality. After that, i will post the .tgd


Perhaps you should check your memory usage when you're starting your render? It seems your PC can handle it at low detail, which imho means less accurate computations and thus lower memory-usage. A PC like that is supposed to handle a lot but maybe the scene demands too much?



Yes .... :)  the next time, i will check the memory ..... for this time the image is rendered with a workaround

Bottom 200 px upward cropped render with quality 0.35
From 200 to 800 px upwards rendered with 0.85


Don't forget to also check the vitrual memory usage as well as the RAM usage.  In some cases virtual memory maxes out before RAM. (View > Set columns in Task manager)


Although the trigger appears to be detail settings, ultimately it is the scene specifics that are creating the crash. So without seeing the .tgd or at least some more details it is really impossible to say much more about what may be going wrong. It may very well be memory-related as others have speculated. Keep in mind that on a 32 bit system any application will be limited to 2GB of memory at a maximum, including page file space, and depending on the amount of available *contiguous* memory the limit could be hit well before that. Currently TG2 does not handle out-of-memory problems gracefully so it could easily be causing this crash. I'd be glad to take a look at the .tgd if you'd like to post here or email to support @

- Oshyan



Here is the .tgd (without the external heightfield). Render settings are: crop region: Bottom 0; Top 0.2; Quality: 0.85
Start the full render and TG2 crashes after a few seconds. Then go down with the Render quality and try again. The render i did was done with quality 0.35

Have fun!  :)