A very very sad news

Started by kaedorg, August 07, 2015, 03:43:32 pm

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Sorry guys to give such sad news but for many of us this man was important in our Terragen community.

Robert Choronzuk known here as Chononr passed away the 27th of July.

I will remember him, his advices, his comments, his helps and his talent.
I feel sad tonight. And I think many of you who had a special relation with him too.

I put below the link of his obituary


R.I.P Bob



Oh wow, that's really sad to hear! I was always amazed at his talent and humble nature, and his age seldom occurred to me except when he reminded us of his "old codger" ways in gently humorous tone. He was a great contributor here, and I share his love of the Southwest that he so often depicted with great beauty. May he forever enjoy in spirit those lands  he loved so much!

- Oshyan


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When i watched the video about him in the link...it gets more emotional.
Don't know what to say in this kind of situations. Sad news :(


It does Kadri, but it sure looks like he lived a full life! I am glad, at least, of that. I will certainly miss him around here.

- Oshyan


A very sad loss indeed, I didn't know him well but I admired his work.

Lady of the Lake

He was a friend and a super patient mentor in TG.  I will miss him a lot.


He was very nice to me. He was a gentleman. Rest in peace.

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An important piece of who we are is within the work that we do and how we express ourselves within the arts and we can honor that legacy even though he is gone by always appreciating what he did here for this is how we can all remember him.

My deepest condolences.



I am so sorry to hear of his passing. Though this is not about me, I will miss him very much. We had a lot of off-forum communication about Terragen and he was a keen and modest artist. I recently wondered how he was, as I knew he was going to have an operation. I am very sorry and I wish his family and friends all the strength they need.



Oh boy, I just read the sad news. Although we never met in person, I always liked his work and his friendly comments and I think he was the only one here, who answered each comment on his work.  :)
The good thing in this forum is, that Bob somehow lives on here. There's still his work and his comments.
Farewell, Bob!


I liked his renders and he helped me several times with ideas about a render I was doing.
:'( :'(
This is sad... :'(
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Was afraid this thread was about just that.    Sh..!
Sad news indeed.


I'm very sorry to hear this. Bob was one of our most kind, helpful and talented members of this community.

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