Color control

Started by Cocateho, August 14, 2015, 11:49:35 am

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Had a thought about the population instance editor while doing an autumn scene that it would be hand if you could also tweak the diffuse color on a per object basis on top of the already built in color variation tool. Not sure how easy/practical that would be, but it could come in handy.


That could be a nice future improvement. I'll make note of it.

- Oshyan


That is an interesting idea.


Another idea came into my mind. What about a color tint variation function on a per shader basis? Thus you could use the color tint function for the foliage of the trees while leaving the trunks' shaders untouched without having to duplicate the whole population and use the opacity function to determine which parts should have a color variation.


Then it's easier to just use your set of PF's and whatnot (for color variation on the pop) through transform shader and attach to each part it needs. Different parts may need different variations. Unless I misunderstand you.


I'll have to test that. Thanks, Ulco!


You don't use that method? I thought it was well known by now.


I haven't used that method in a population yet. In single objects all the time.


Ah, then don't forget the transform set to world, but you're probably well aware.


Yes, I am, but thanks anyway. It happens all the time that I forget the crucial facts. ;)