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Started by Valentina, August 22, 2015, 09:02:26 am

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August 22, 2015, 09:02:26 am Last Edit: August 22, 2015, 09:13:01 am by Valentina
Hi, I have this all new issue while rendering: my notebook turns off while rendering without any sign; while, it hibernates, infact when I turn it on I find it rendering where it was only that (if it turned off in the first place) it goes on in that way.. It doesn't happen every time I render (lucky me ??? ) infact I wasn't sure that terragen was responsible for that, but now I'm sure that it hibernates while rendering. Sadly I updated my terragen 3 version the same day I updated my os tu Win10, so I don't know if it's a compatibility issue or a version issue, or none of them.
Does this happen to someone else? There is something I can do? :'(

Thank you, Valentina

(sorry for any language mistake..)

it turns off every couple of minutes while rendering.. I cant't do anything :(((

Edit:I think I should add a couple of things.. I've never had this problem before and I use incremental save, so the file is quite never the same and I think I can say it's not a bug of the tgd file..


Look at the power settings in Windows 10. It is going into sleep-hypernating mode in a certain time frame as it looks.


I've looked into those settings.. they are the same they were before the update.. "never" set to almost everything.. it hibernates even if i'm moving mouse or doing something similar..
For example now terragen was able to end another. Now I've started a new project and I'll see.


That sounds odd. I have no Windows 10 maybe others might be more helpful.



"The way I fixed this problem, in all its manifestations, was to RESET the Plan Setting for the Power Plan back to all defaults!  I had been playing around with some advanced settings, and noticed that some advanced settings parameters did not agree with the same parameter values for the basic settings, for items like sleep and hiberation.

I can only speculate that there are some subtleties of the Intel CPU sleep modes, that can be set from Windows and are persistent across a reset or even a complete shutdown. And I can also speculate that between Windows and the T61p BIOS, there are some bugs in the way that these settings are configured.

In any case, once I did the reset to defalt, I can put my system to sleep or hiberate or shut down from Windows, and the system always restarts when needed.  I can also put my system to sleep by closing the screen lid, and then restart by opening the lid.

This part especially.


I can try, maybe something occurred when updating to Win10. Certainly is not a painless process.


I can't think of a way this would be Terragen-related, really. Terragen has no interaction with the system shutdown or power management processes. It must be something that the system is doing in response to a high system load (heat-related issues perhaps), or some other semi-random issue.

- Oshyan


Ok, I've tested a V-ray render.... same thing. Always random of course, but it does happen. That's a problem for me, if I'm quite bad at Terragen and it's almost a game for me, V-ray it's not; I didn't have these kind of problems before updating to Win10 but I can't believe it's its fault. I can try the reset of the power setting as suggested, but other then that, I really don't know.
I know this is Terragen support, but any hint? then I'll go for myself...  :'(