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Started by Kadri, August 23, 2015, 09:00:16 pm

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Quote from: Tangled-Universe on August 25, 2015, 08:15:53 am
I feel another "we need rectangular noise" discussion coming up ;)

And yes indeed, we do need that :D

just talking about it is kinda fun too. :)
There are better images of that location that I posted, but trust me, Kadri's surfacing would be really really close to what the reality is, just add some more really smooth spots to it and give me the rectangular noise, and I would be in TG paradise... Ohh and vector displacement map output from TG too!!!
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Thanks guys.
Yes we need different type of noise but still Terragen impresses me how you can approach in different ways.
I came with the look by chance when i tried different ground looks together with fake stones a while ago.
Curious if you use fake stones too Martin (TU)? Blue nodes probably ?

This ones are the same setup as above that have twist and shear,strata,image and image masks and warp nodes attached.
After those nodes it gets toooo slow so i could not test much more.
They lack more polish. I could mostly render only with less quality and smaller size.
The smallest image took 17 minute to render. There could be more node optimization too of course.
Every image had a slightly different node setup.
I will later share this scene.

I have a 3 month or so old scene that i still haven't used for an image (but i will later).
The rock structures in that scene does have a different potential.
It uses the same method but in a different setup.
But i haven't rendered any big images.
I don't know if it is any good or not.
That test scene is still rendering. I will post it here too when ready.


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Found this small image too with the strange rock structure.
I think i used a similar method but i don't remember the scene.

The second image is the finished render of the older scene i mentioned in my previous post.


I've been playing with fakestones in the terrain editor with decent results that are promising.
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something Blue.
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Hi Kadri,

No I don't use fake stones for my rock shapes, actually.
Just like you I use warped fractals (which I merge) and strata shaders mostly.
Twist and Shear I don't use much either, if at all.

I like what you're doing and Michael is right when he said these are very realistic in shading/texturing.



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Tried a different approach to fakestones this time.

These are only the basic steps i used to make the images below.
As always use whatever options-nodes you want of course. So many possibilities...

* Make a surface layer. Put a fakestone (with very high "Stone scale" and small density) node in the child layer input.
   You will get something funny like the first image.


*Then put 3 "Fractal warp shaders" after the "Fakestone node" with high values and only different scale settings.
  You got probably another kinda spiky stone field like in the second image(There might be interesting parts in them if you get very close ?).


*Now put a "Twist and shear shader" after the "Fractal warp shaders" with a lean factor around 0.8(depends on your setup) and the Y input with -1
  Now suddenly something like the last big images that are attached below appear.

The warp shader does have a strata kinda effect in it as it looks(when used in this way at least).
Play time :)


very like what I'm doing except  work in the Terrain Tab...the texture in the Shader Tab.
something borrowed,
something Blue.
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Kadri, please share this TGD if you like.
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This looks really cool, Kadri!


Step 03 and 04 looks like a very rigid plateau but on a more planetary scale. This could be a way to create plateaus and canyons just increasing the size if the fake stones by good factor. The large scale features clamp out well enough for cliff sides and steep slopes.


August 26, 2015, 09:41:04 pm #27 Last Edit: August 26, 2015, 09:54:12 pm by Kadri

Thanks guys.
The side rock formations itself aren't so different-interesting but as a whole it might be useful maybe for different things like you said Chris.
I wanted to use it as an island for example.
If you put higher numbers then 1 as the lean factor in the twist shader you get negative displacements that might be a starting point for canyons or different mountains(with more density in the fakestone shader) very easily.

Michael here is the file but it is very basic as i said above.
The other image was from the same file.That place is a little on the back side from another fakestone.


A fast test with the same file with higher density fakestones and with a lean factor of 1.3 in the twist shader.


By the way Michael, the image you posted was the primary reason i made the test for the file you asked.
With a little more tinkering you might get more closer probably.