Procedural erosion and the Terragen SDK

Started by Oshyan, September 01, 2015, 04:43:15 PM

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Hello everyone. It's been quite a while since we last updated you about Daniil Kamperov's procedural erosion work and the progress of the SDK so I thought I'd give you some more tidbits to enjoy.

As some of you may recall Daniil is the first person to begin making use of our in-development Software Development Kit (SDK) to extend Terragen's capabilities. His work has been a great proof of concept for the Terragen SDK which is now essentially finalized for Terragen 3 and we're looking forward to bringing more plugin authors onboard in the near future. Daniil has been exploring the largely uncharted territory of procedural erosion, a sort of "holy grail" of terrain modeling for many years. To date there has been no publicly available software that has successfully modeled convincing erosion features procedurally, with multi-scale capabilities from ground level to orbit. Judging by what we've seen so far Daniil is set to be the first to release such capabilities for all to use and we're very excited about it!

Daniil has made great progress since we first discussed his work earlier this year, but blazing new territory is seldom predictable. Fortunately his efforts have been rewarded with perseverance and just last week he was able to publish a first alpha test version to our testing team, who are already creating some cool images which I'll share a few of in a moment. This release is a big milestone for Daniil and comes after months of fine-tuning and bug fixes from his own testing and our internal testing as well. So big congratulations go to Daniil! He's already got a bunch of ideas for how to improve things in the future, but for now we'll just get straight to the new imagery to show you what he has been able to achieve.

Daniil's test images:


And a few from our alpha test team...

Martin Huisman (Tangled-Universe):


Ryan Archer:


We'll be sharing more images along with animation soon!

- Oshyan


Congratulations on all of the work and effort put into this. Those are some spectacular examples.    8)


I have been noticing basic sedimentary deposition here and there and not just fluvial channels. Can that be controlled well? Talus and large alluvial fans come to mind.


This is definitely a game changer, with some mouth watering examples.  Can't wait.


I know that Daniil is working on making this as realistic as possible. But for now I'll have to leave it to him to speak on any specifics of the capabilities of the system, when he chooses to do so. I can say that the current version available to the alpha testers is a sort of "first working version", and he's working on big improvements and changes for some time in the future.

- Oshyan




Will be nice to see some before and afters too.

Very cool.
It has been eaten.


I think I'm coming here every single day  8)
Any chance to have a little eye candy this month ?


many thanks to the new erosion shader, cool enhancement.

reading that the SDK is coming into final stage leads me to the question:
would it be possible to get some detailled info about the SDK?

all the best


Thanks for the interest engineer. We'll be in touch! :)

- Oshyan


Hi guys.
Where can I finds the docs/resources on the SDK API?

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D.A. Bentley (SuddenPlanet)

I don't think there is a Public SDK, but if you contact Matt (the Developer behind Terragen) he can probably help.

Daniil was able to work with the internal SDK to make his Erosion plugin-ins from the sounds of it, so I'm guessing Planetside assists developers that want to extend Terragen per request.  Matt?


When I purchased Terragen the SDK was actually listed as a selling feature. Nice - I thought.
I had to learn afterwards that it was not freely and publicly available - you had to ask and somehow "qualify" to get it.
That alone let me shy away from asking back then.  I am not a programmer, did not have a clear agenda or project in mind.
No way (I guessed) of just looking at it trying it and learn with it. Bummer :'(
Nowadays I cannot even find it on the website any longer...I never got the logic behind this.

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Erosion has done so much for the realism in TG we need more like it!  Blender proves the power of opening up software for users to develop plugins. Via SDK or other tools, languages. Any modern software needs this!

AND I do understand the procedural nature of TG. but there must be away to open this up! 
I'm speaking from the desire for real procedural, physically simulated water, animation; flowing streams, waterfalls and etc without having to leave TG.