How easy is it to generate IBL HDRI?

Started by wtimmins, September 17, 2015, 09:49:28 AM

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Is it nothing more than 'save as HDRI,' or does it require some arcane tweakery?


When a render finishes you then have the option to save. Just select .exr.
All done. no tweaking, twirking, or punching your PC needed.  :)
It has been eaten.


Oh excellent.

I've been trying to make IBL-quality HDRIs using other products and... yeeeeah. Three months of screaming and punching monitor.


Another big plus of TG's EXR is that the HDR has a bigger dynamic range than most commercial photobased HDR's.


You probably want Spherical Camera output to use as an IBL. That too is easy to render out, but does require one of the Professional versions of Terragen 3 as the feature is not available in Terragen 3 Creative. As an alternative you can of course output multiple images and stitch them into whatever format of IBL source you need.

- Oshyan


That is very disappointing to find out. Also, reading more closely, terrain export and a few other things also seem limited to Professional.

Looks like I'll be giving this a pass, thanks anyway!


Terragen produce really nice hdr for IBL.
You just maybe have to change the sun disc radius, depending of the format and render engine target.,16087.msg156811.html#msg156811

(Modo example, using Terragen spherical cam)


Hey sorry to resurrect an old thread, but does this technique still work inT4? My EXR doesnt work as an IBL sphere in mentalray. It turns out very dull and dark as if it's not HDR.


It absolutely should still work. Do you have Photoshop? If you pull the image into there, or another 32 bit-capable image editor and try to adjust exposure, do you see a lot of dynamic range, or does it clip? Perhaps there is an intensity/brightness modifier in Mentalray for IBL setups?

- Oshyan