Animation Upgrade

Started by Doofus, December 28, 2006, 08:51:51 AM

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Does anyone know how much the upgrade from TG2 to TG2+Animation is.
I know I should have just bought the animation version at the time, but it was Christmas and I needed the cash. :'(
Rub a little funk on it baby :D


I guess the difference in pricing?
You do the math  ;)


Not sure about that.
I asked when I bought the initial TG2 version and I was told there would be a supplement to pay but at that time it hadn't been decided how much.
Rub a little funk on it baby :D


The initial difference when originally purchasing TG2 was 100$ more for the animation version, lets hope it stays close to that :) though Matt and Oshyan have both stated that prices are more than likely to increase upon final release, we got a great deal in my opinion.


When I asked I was told you had the option of deep or deep+animation. If you took deep you had to wait for the animation module. I assumed until TG2 final or at least one of the later beta releases. That was according to matt.