problem collision clouds-terrain

Started by aemkey, August 17, 2007, 06:26:03 pm

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i've got a problem. i wanted to do a cloud layer like fog under the top of mountains, so you can just see the tops. but after rendering i've seen that the clouds are going inside the terrain (see also picture).

Has anyone a solution how can I avoid that?
Thx for help.
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It looks like you're using a two dimensional cloud layer here.  Try setting it to 3D and see if that helps. - A great Terragen resource with models, contests, galleries, and forums.


Maybe lowering density and increasing depth will help too.



Unless you set up a specific mask, clouds will intersect with terrain. With steep slopes and dense clouds this might look odd. Increase the thickness of your cloud and reduce the density and or try and create a mask using an image of your terrain. I used this to control theod to control the outer edge of the clouds in this animation but it could also be used to horizontal gap between the clouds and terrain where the terrain passes through the cloud.


thx for help. i will try as soon as i find time.
@old_blaggard: the clouds are already 3d, but with very low depth.
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Thin or completely 2D clouds are the problem because they have to be denser and then you end up with that intersecting line. If you really want the clouds to be very flat then using the terrain as a mask is the only way but that will probably be quite difficult to set up. I've done it before in another app.