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Started by Volker Harun, August 19, 2007, 03:02:10 pm

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Volker Harun


attached is a clip file, that has some displacements as output.

It produces terraces on the terrain, which can be distributed with the surface shaders.

I was playing with Nikita's functions and due to his help, this setup got quite simple.
Before cutting away the useless nodes, it did not really looked like my strata functions, but now they are quite the same.

Within the Function Nodes I created a seperate group for the most important modificators.

I would like to invite anybody to create an advanced function set for terraces - based on these nodes or completely new (Waving to Nikita ,-) )

Have fun and peace upon you,

Volker Harun


Very interesting results, Volker.  I would have thought that this would be more complicated. - A great Terragen resource with models, contests, galleries, and forums.



Is this what you mean?

Volker Harun

Hi mogn,

at least someone who joins in! Thanks! It looks good. And the function is easy.
Giving the Constant scalar some fractal noise could make it a bit uneven, more natural looking.

I think the division is faster than my sinĀ².
But I think multiplication is faster than division. So using two constants and using two multiply nodes could make it even faster.



I'd join in too, but I have a pesky vacation coming up which I have to take  >:(
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Applying some noise, and adding a coloring gradient I arrive to the folloving:


Changed the carving profile, to get rid of the vertical side of the terraces.
Used the calculated displacements of one terrain, for carving in a terrain with another random seed.


I really don't want to annoy you guys, but i got very similar results just using a tweaked strata and outcrops shader and putting a powerfractal on top...

Volker Harun


Well I might be wrong, so before i upload a file and make a complete fool of myself, what exactly are you looking for with this function?

Volker Harun

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Good Strataand Terraces?
And variations in height and depth would be awesome, but that is my taste, not everybodys' else ,-)


Yes the ability to make curved, bent strata, like its been subject to severe tectonic stresses would be awesome! I'm not too sure a modified strata shader would cut it though, something more function driven might be more useful. Still slowly figuring out the functions though so I'll leave this in the hands of the experts :)

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Ok I'd got the wrong end of the stick there, sorry to get your hopes up. I thought you simply wanted nice large terraces, in which case increasing the size of certain fields in the strata and outcrops shader would do the trick.