Classic Erosion plugin

Started by blinkfrog, November 03, 2017, 05:14:19 am

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Ok I've found the problem.


All Right Daniil. Yes, i referred to DKerosion but now all is working. There are others problems with new Update, not from your files.   :)


@blinkfrog  will this plugin get a Linux release to use with the Render Node?


There seems to be a problem with eroding a merged terrain, where it seems to be eroding only one of the mixed terrains.

PS @Matt, or @Kevin Kipper I think this topic should be pinned along with the procedural plugin. I had to search for it.


I can't imagine it does that. Did you try with say 2 simple shapes?


No, im not sure how that relates to texture space merging.

It could be because of rivers mode. Beyond flows there seems to be no rivers into any valley. It only seems to be eroding the rough mixed terrain, not the valleys with fat less disp. Just flattens it out.


I mean 2 simple terrains, so you can more easily see what's happening. You can't see it in your screenshot.