Adding the plugin erosion as child layer causes crash

Started by rajm, November 23, 2015, 06:33:04 am

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Start with new project
Add surface layer
Select new layer
Add child layer -> Displacement shader -> (Daniil Kamperov) Erosion
Terragen crashes

Is that shader meant to be allowable as a child layer?


Ah - it doesn't crash if you add another child surface layer to the new surface layer first, if the erosion layer is the first child you get the crash


In principle the erosion shader should go directly in line after the main terrain, not as child of a surface layer.


My hope was that making it a child layer it would speed up the render time, though I can see from the announcement thread why that might not be so.

Having managed to make it a child layer the render does seem to run more quickly but maybe that's an illusion caused by too much impatience  ;)
The erosion code is being used in this case, on stdout I can see messages about the cache size.

And I've just seen Chris's comment (in the announce thread) about using the shader as a mask which looks to be what I should really be doing


On the first page of the announcement thread, Daniil posted images of the masks being used in various examples.


Hi rajm,

I'll check this case. There are also some problems possible if erosion shader main input doesn't linked to other shader. I'll fix this. May be this is the similar case.