object import

Started by doneydonydone, December 28, 2006, 10:05:04 AM

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i have some 3D objects that are not Xfrog files

they are .obj files and are no bigger than 3mb

when i load them into my scene i am able to see the bounding box and move them around

when i hit render the program just quits

any tips??? should i re-install T2??


Yup, that's the bug. And you wont be able to use those objects with out filtering them; open in a modeling program then resave. Dosen't always work, but woth a try.
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You can save them as a TGO file from within Terragen so long as you import them as objects not populations - go to the node view -> objects tab.  Select the object, right click and there's an option to save them there.  Might work