Image Comparison TG 1 and 2.

Started by firesuite, December 28, 2006, 02:47:47 PM

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Hi all,

Been plugging away at TG2 and been re doing some of my images i created in TG1. As everyone else is showing there artwork on here i thought it might as well be my turn to show off where i am so far and also i think the different strengths that TG 1 and 2 have over each other right now. The camera views are not exactly spot on the same but anyway to view a scene i created in both TG 1 and 2 please click on the links below. Constructive comments welcome..

Thanks all and have a happy new year :)


http:/ /

The Geostation

Hi Graham,

I'm also having a go at transferring a TG 0.9 image to TG2.   I'm 90% there there, but I'm really waiting for water transparency and foam to be available in TG2 - not sure when those features will make an appearance (soon, I hope).

Best regards,

Andrew Randle
The Geostation
Andrew Randle
The Geostation


Well Graham, I think you made a great image in TG2 with the shiny stones and the whole mood, but the comparison isn't really fair because the TG1 image has a lot of postpro in it...

So if you take that in to account, the only thing about the TG1 image that is nicer would be the strata, IMHO.

Anyway, you're doing great with TG2, keep it up!


awesome comparison, i tried (and failed) with a similar sort of thing with one of my TG1 images, after seeing this i'll definitely give it another go :)


Image # 1 its superb! better than image number 2 although the stone work on 2 its great; I think it would benefit of a bit scattering of the pebbles and the trees are forced in, they should look better a bit to the side, framing the view.
And from the position those are in; the scale seems off by quite a bit; they feell like 700 meters tall.
Great work !


well. the thing here is that image one is better. but i think thats because you are very good with terragen, but still learning tgd....
anyway, both are nice renders
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Personally I think all the TG2 image needs is some more contrast and then it'll be sweet.  Also I like how the TG1 version has a slightly wider view of the mountains.

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