What is the typical processing time for a purchase?

Started by Tudor, February 26, 2016, 03:15:41 PM

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I purchased a license for Terragen 3 Professional (with the upgrade for T4) 24 hours ago and my account says I've been in a state of processing ever since.  How long does it normally take to process the software purchase?
Obviously this is a manual process for you guys which is fine but I was hoping to be able to work on my project starting tonight and over the weekend.  I sent in a message last night and heard nothing back.  Could someone check to make sure the order actually came through properly?
Tudor Whiteley


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As far as I know Oshyan is on a well deserved trip at the moment and if I'm not mistaken he would be back home somewhere this weekend.
Besides that, it takes indeed about 2 days or so to process.

I know that feeling; weekend is close and you want your toy! :D


Indeed, I was on vacation and that has slowed things down a bit. I'm processing your license purchase now and you should receive the key file shortly. Thanks for your patience!

- Oshyan