Kirkjufell mountain

Started by digitalguru, March 01, 2016, 10:08:57 am

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My attempt to reproduce this photo of Kirkjufell mountain in Iceland


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Superb - the water is particularly good


Indeed, a great render. I would very much like to know how much is TG, and if any photo's are used.


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Thanks for your comments!

Inkydigit - some info

It's all vector displacement, no proceedural terrain, I grabbed a low res 3d model from Google Earth of the area and sculpted around that. Actually, I couldn't get any detail for the foreground area, so had to sculpt that from the photo reference, so I think I screwed up the scale a little. :-)

Used Maya and Realflow to add the grass (using fur) and water, and hand painted the snow masks for the mountain.

I thought it would be a challenge to recreate, espcially as the original photo has a nice overcast look, whilst still being quite punchy, but getting that in Terragen was quite difficult and made the image look very flat! So I went with a more directional look for the lighting.

Dune - no photos at all, just a lot of masks!


Good to hear that, DG. But realflow is external and I was hoping you'd have a nice new way to do water in TG  ;) So the water is an object, or how does that work? If you care to explain, that is.


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Hi Dune,

Sorry to get your hopes up for a new water technique in Terragen!

Realflow (or Bifrost in Maya or Houdini) is the best way to get that kind of water flow. And the white water is mostly particles, so they are rendered in Maya and composited over the TG renders.

Just had a look at your website and there's a really nice image of a medieval shipwreck, with some spray - did you do yours in TG with volumetrics?


QuoteUsed Maya and Realflow to add the grass (using fur)

I think maya for the fur. Is that also comped or do you know a way to export maya fur???! I find fur to be really nice to use, easy and quick, can't find a way to export though. Any thoughts on it?

Great image and effort, really enjoyed seeing a return to iceland. Thanks.

It has been eaten.


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Hey Badger,

I comped the fur, I didn't try to export it as geometry, though I think you can. The file sizes would be huge though and you'd lose the native hair shaders which are much more effcient at rendering the hair.  Using the hair in this instance needed a lot of blending into the TG terrain, so comping it in was the best way to go.

p.s you can convert paint fx hair to polygons in the Modify/Convert menu


Thanks. I don't think there is any way to export the fur. I was just hoping you knew something that had not been shared on the open web.
I don't really like the paint effects fur too much compared to the "fur", the fur is much easier to deal with for sure, for me in terms of getting a particular look. But I guess  I could also just make a fur to paint with too.

I am hoping that in TG4 we will be able to export from TG via vector, and also have cleaner more manageable mesh export. Imagine the power of the workflow you just demonstrated when you can go in any direction as much as you like!

thanks agin for info, DG

It has been eaten.


Quoteand also have cleaner more manageable mesh export

I use that a lot, but the mesh always needs a lot of cleanup to use elsewhere.

QuoteI am hoping that in TG4 we will be able to export from TG via vector

sounds interesting - what's that?



Thanks for your explanation, DG. Despite (or thanks to) the comping a great image!! Regarding my spray; yes, that's a localized cloud. But doing a river with localized cloud would be a lot harder. You can have cloud follow terrain, but still...

I hope to see more of your work here, inspirational.