Road to Nowhere

Started by mhaze, March 01, 2016, 11:31:42 am

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Hah! found it - Thank you Hetzen!


I have tried the cubedcosinenoise tgc file but could someone explain how to break the uniformity of the squares and distort them as it is in this scene?  It looks like very difficult.



Warp shader, or fractal warp, or mask by fractal....


Thank you Ulco! It works much better now.



its good. This will make good VR location.
It has been eaten.


Great image, It would make a great entry for the VR contest.
Not so sure about the cactus in the foreground, it seems somewhat distracting. Just my opinion. Cactuses do seem to be somewhat difficult to pull off .

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I'm working on it for the VR contest but I'm going away for a couple of weeks at the end of March and won't have much time so it will be entered in a less than perfect state!


Quote from: digitalguru on March 01, 2016, 12:01:38 pm
Very nice!

Love the mountain and rock shapes -  looks like some new displacement goodies in 3.4?

Guess you can't say, but looks like 3.4 will be out soon....

Dunno if you're on Face Book but at the Terragen Gallery page there is a member, who for some reason is reticent to post here, who shared a file that would kick start you into this kind of terrain modeling...See Henry Blewer's recent Image Sharing items.
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Yes, and I still don't get why he doesn't participate in the discussions... this is THE forum after all.


I seem to remember him participating on these forums 3 or 4 years ago.

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