The bridge

Started by Kadri, March 28, 2016, 05:00:03 AM

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Thanks guys.

The bridge name comes from the big part of the object that is in the middle.
The old test image below shows the concept more clearly.
The object is more detailed and the planets etc. are a little different now (and still changing).

The feeling it gives is right when you haven't seen the model in full light Ulco.
So not sure if i will use the POV of the spherical image. But just as another image it could stay of course.
I kitbashed the model from some small parts and it is full 3D with some small texture displacements added.
The model is in two parts and is 1-2 GB in size.
When you put a reflection shader on the object and then water with reflection on the planet
you get these awful long render times unfortunately. With glass it would take 1-2 months probably ;)
The lights on the model is a texture map with luminosity.


It has been eaten.



I shouldn't do this late in the challenge but whatever.
These are some of the quick and dirty made and textured alien plants and plant-animals objects.
There are 24 more similar objects that i am texturing now.
First time that i made so many objects at all.

The image file below is big (6360 x 1944)...


Cool idea and cool plants, Kadri!


But which are which? Cool idea................. ;)


Wow, these 'creatures' are great. They look like plants that will not hesitate to do something nasty. What software did you make them in?


Thanks guys.
Some look different depending from which angle you look. Plant or animal...
For an alien world it might be good i think.

I use Lightwave Ulco.
They are still kitbashed, deformed models.
Some surface layers still have original names like Bristelcone or similar but they look so different i don't remember what the basis was for them,
as i made the base models 5 years or so ago.

Jo Kariboo

Very beautiful objects. I am curious to see how you go populated your image with those.


This is definitely the most unique and inspired concept in the mix here. The imagery is surreal and deep in scope, I really like it!


I love the huge scales here. Awe-inspiring concept.

- Oshyan


Thank you guys.

Just finished the objects. Could change 2-3 ones but have to move on.
Image is 7820 x 4377 this time and JPG quality 50.



This kind of thing is exactly why I like Terragen so much. The sense of scale is awesome, looking forward to your submissions!



I could not make the image with the plants. Bad planning, scene construction on my side. Maybe later.

This is one of the scenes that i reworked just a little. Resolution is 12 000 x 6 000 so i hope you excuse the watermark.
Took 25 hours to render. Just out of curiosity i am rendering the same scene with soft shadows now.
The texture looks only better from a certain distance.

JPG quality is 64.

I will use this and 1-2 other POV's from this scene in my animation. Was the first reason to do this anyway.


Huge man! I have to see this in the viewer. Looks awesome. And the watermark, well, I very well understand, and I kind of like it. May do that as well, the sorry, good idea.