Magnum - Starfleet Investigator

Started by DocCharly65, March 28, 2016, 02:46:19 pm

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Happy Easter to all of you and because I didn't want to let you wait too long...

Not finished at all, but I hope a nice testrender for the next teaser (coming betwenn May and June - I hope so ;)  )

Hughes500 V1 Helicopter bought on  CGTrader / created by GrooveCab
StarTrek Voyager Shuttle 6 found on Trekmeshes / created by Staffan Norlin
All Plants by XFrog except Three Leaf Clover Patch and Grass clumps by Chris.
All rendered with Terragen 3.4
Music by Nils (I did this track in 2010 and hoped to do a kind of Miami Vice Music-Video... good to have it now :)  )
Sounds by / 3000 Soundeffects-edition


Wow, you never fail to impress! Very cool. I loved all the camera movement, including the shot from above, the zooms, etc. All very well animated!

- Oshyan



Thanks! Makes me happy and I need the motivation. Hobbyroom is the last what I will move. The PCs go on rendering untill the last second  ;)

My business for the moment is "rendering" a real kitchen with hammer, nails, screws and scewdrivers... nice feeling to do something with your hands, that works. Rest is not running so good. Many lost, aborted or late deliveries. E.g. the delivery of my sofa has been canceled after I waited 3 weeks now because the sofa is no longer manufactured   >:(  But I also made a bad decision: How stupid can one be to move within easter weeks  ::) :o

But after all that when the new network in the new flat works I hope to finish the teaser ASAP. And of course I will check, what great images you all have created here  :)


Holy cow, you did it again! Terrific footage, Nils.


It has been eaten.


What a clip! Very well done, but it does leave me a bit puzzled - why would a copter be chasing a shuttle? Some kind of time warp?


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Dear otakar, there will be a kind of explanation, when the teaser is finished. Not really logical but I hope a bit funny  ;)
Anyway - wouldn't Magnum and his friend TC be curious what kind of vehicle would disturb the jungle live on Hawaii?  8) ;D

So my friends - now I'll shutdown my network and PCs. I hope in 1 or 2 weeks I can reactivate everything without too much problems.
CU all  :)

Something offtopic:
My latest renderjob (all rendered with hammer, nails, screws and scewdrivers...)  ;)

First I did a primitive photomontage with the photos from the kitchen catalog and the known dimensions of the parts


And except the power socket it worked (everything is already moved so that the socket fits)  ;)


Many more rooms to do... ::)


Good luck, Nils. Don't hammer your fingers!


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Got it...
A slightly greater Teaser ...

Models from, TF3DM, Turbosquid, CGTrader
Soundtrack by Nils 2016

Star Trek Theme music could be similar to the themes by Alexander Courage, Jerry Goldsmith and Dennis McCarthy. But only similar... I just checked melodies left in my memory.
Exact listeners find possibly even a passage from Graeme Revell ... rest is still secret ;)
Sounds of and Magix Soundpools 11-20
Unfortunately, my English-language voice synthesizer for the Enterprise computer voice is an absolute disaster ... I will necessarily have to make a voice talent search.

But first I will go to sleep now...
Have fun:


Wow, that looks truly amazing! Especially the scenes on earth. The landscape and it's vegetation is incredibly good!! Great work, Nils!!


I've been fascinated and chuckling all the time. Terrific WORK, Nils!