Sun renders behind terrain?

Started by Njen, December 28, 2006, 05:57:22 PM

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Step 1: Create a Power Fractal terrain.

Step 2: Position the camera to look at a mountain.

Step 3: Position the sun at sunset behind the mountain.


I get the sun shining on top of the terrain. I have tried a number of different angles and directions, but it always happens. This is a very serious and basic bug, or am I doing something completely wrong? See attached jpg.


This issue has been mentioned here; it's a known bug that they have said will be fixed in future versions. For now, to fix the problem, you'll need to turn on raytraced shadows in the atmosphere settings. (and as it said in the previous thread, this will increase the render times)


Ahh, my apologies for rehashing an already answered point. I did try a little search for something about this bug, but I could not find it.