Feature request: Latitude and longitude settings for Cameras

Started by DanielHruby, May 04, 2016, 10:48:32 pm

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Can you please allow for latitude and longitude settings for the camera?  I have imported a very large DEM file from USGS server and I can not accurately locate my smaller site(300feet x 300 feet) in this vast chunk of mountainous terrain (100 Square miles).  I know the real latitude and longitude of my site by means of Google earth, but cannot pinpoint the location on this huge DEM.  It would be nice if I could enter the location of the camera by means of lat/long and it would jump to the vicinity of my site.

Thank you.


Are you using the "lat long at apex" feature on the Planet node? If there is only one site you need to locate to, you can enter its lat-long coordinates on the Planet node and it will move all of the georeferenced shaders to put that lat-long position at the "top" of the planet, which is usually at (0,0,0), assuming the planet is still in its default position. Then an XYZ position of (0,0,0) should be at precisely that lat-long position. Relocating the scene near the origin makes various things a lot easier to do.

I hope that helps in your case. We should be able to add lat-long position controls to the camera in future.

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