Heads up for Speedtree users

Started by yossam, July 10, 2016, 05:22:46 pm

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Downloaded the latest update for Speedtree 7.1.6...............Avast is bound and determined to put it in the "chest", just like it did with TG4. Haven't received any reply from them yet......will keep you updated. I don't know why Avast is so quick to "pull the trigger" on these files............ ???


QuoteAvast is bound and determined to put it in the "chest"

So what happened?
It has been eaten.


Finally got a reply from Avast, they cleared the file and added it to the database. Took 'em long enough. Have at it boys and girls............... :)


Where did you find that update, Richard? I'm not online with my version, so it won't find them automatically.


I'm afraid you would have to be online to get it Ulco. When I opened the program it told me there was an update. Don't know if it is available otherwise. When I get back from the Dr. I'll see if I can locate it.  :)


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FYI-There was no problem detected with the update under Norton security. Log in to your Speedtree account and you should see the download available.


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Thanks, guys. Got it.