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Started by yossam, May 19, 2016, 07:58:36 pm

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Gotta admit, that sound track still gives me the happy chills when I hear it.

I hope they do something good with this!


I'd like to be hopeful...but I'm not.  :'(


I just hope the CG budget is ample..............no cheesy crap.  :P


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Nicholas Meyer is involved. The man behind Star Trek II and VI. That alone might be interesting but the trailer itself is just marketing hype which is fine as it peaks interest which is the point of a teaser trailer.


...hope they don't mess it up!

If everybody really hates StarTrek from 2017, I can stop my 2020-project  ???  ;)
Or I will have to rerender all Enterprise-scenes with the Firefly ...  ;D ;D ;D