Finally getting some clouds I am satisfied with.

Started by 3DnTechNut, June 04, 2016, 03:46:10 am

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Hello, everyone, long time reader maybe first time poster, can't remember if I posted way back when v.9 was all we had.  Sometimes I miss the simplicity of that version.  :)  I haven't had much time to work on Terragen 2 or 3 over the last few years but last week I was finally able to build the workstation PC I wanted for graphics, 3D and video editing, so I decided to dive back into this amazing Terragen software and see if I can make some progress and actually learn a few things before 4 is released.

This time around I decided to try and get some decent atmospheres and clouds first.  I have had a hard time getting realistic clouds since v.9 until yesterday.  I am happy where these are going and would appreciate any comments and criticism you all may have.  One thing I cannot figure out though, and it is driving me crazy, is "God Rays", tried everything I can think of but cannot get them to show.  I could get them back in v.9. 

I still have a lot of work to do but these seem to be a good start.  The terrain is just a basic non-textured quick terrain except for the Stratified Canyon image which is where my clouds have been up until now with T2 and T3, even that terrain is not textured, still haven't quite got comfortable texturing since v.9 . Sad, I know.


Welcome (back)! Your 'first' post certainly is promising, these clouds look very natural. Hope to see more of you here!


Thanks!  I have been wanting to do more work on terrain but I couldn't get over the fact that my clouds looked like water logged cotton balls like they do in my stratified canyon image above.  I need to find that terrain so I can update the atmosphere in it.  So many more settings in the clouds to play with, I am not sure of their effectstuff yet so that should be fun.


These are looking quite nice and different from many other people's clouds. There is a great softness but still a sense of depth and volume. Well done.

- Oshyan


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 I am no expert, however, I have the free version also and was missing the godray experience in newer TG versions. I actually forgot to look at the quality setting for atmosphere (set to max)  and my final render settings are at max allowed. I posted the question here and got a quick response. Thanks all. You have to find just the right pocket to let the edge of the sun peak through and sun set at least 5 for me. I do not have the fastest pc, but finally got some rays!

Here is a link for my question.,21386.msg214630.html#msg214630


These are very good. Excellent observation I'd say.


Good looking clouds, I especially like 'clouds 3' :)
Looking forward to see more!



Good stuff, a fan of 2&3 myself but they're all pretty nice. Welcome back to cloud land....
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