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Started by N-drju, June 21, 2016, 02:00:29 am

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Recently on a project that I've put much effort into I am getting crashes when trying to add a series of objects copied from another file.

What pisses me right off is the fact that TG system requirements call for at least 4GB RAM memory. I have 8GB RAM and while running the project, TG uses up to 7,5 GB RAM! Up to the point where I'm left with 500Mb of RAM and TG needs to be shut down!

So what's up with that? TG will use ALL of the resources just for itself? Regardless of system stability? Or should it be happy with just 4GB?

What will happen when I try to render this image? I worked on it for at least four months now...! Can I render safely when RAM usage is, let's say, 7,1GB worth?
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I've had the same problem (but at 15.8 gig), TG quickly using more and more RAM, and then crashing, while the amount of objects wasn't more than around 5gig. But I can't remember what caused that. I suppose someone will have a solution.
Maybe using a population cache or GI cache will help, and/or rendering in a few large crops. Or loading materials once and distribute (link) among various object within TG, instead of loading multiple instances of that material (in each object), but that depends on the number of objects using the same material.


Good to hear Ulco that it is not a problem that is unique to my machine... :-\ Still would rather not have it in the first place.

Yes, I always congeal surfaces using the same images so I go dwon from, say, 64 to just 16.

I should probably mention that this one project has an object that has 342 (yes, you got that right >:() surfaces and nearly all of them are unique for each object part... Still, the object is disabled (for now) so I'm not sure if it influences the memory usage in any way. During loading and (especially) when the project is started that is...

Since the newest GTA runs seamlessly on my machine I don't think I have too little resources on my machine... heh. :P
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That is a horrible amount of parts. Imagine needing to assign textures by hand in TG  :-[
I actually don't know if textures are loaded into memory even if the object is disabled. You can try in a separate file and have task manager open at launch, see what happens to memory use.


That's how I prepared other objects in this project, because the actual file was just too slow to work on. I make preparations in a separate file. Perhaps the fact that program has to hold them in the "copy" memory then may also have an impact.

I think, what I'm going to do is simply to render parts of the image and delete all objects from the "ready" crops. However this is only a workaround and not an actual solution to the problem of 4GB RAM program running at full memory...

By the way, how much RAM does your computer use when idle...?
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That's something I considered as well when doing 'large' work on a computer with too little ram. I now have quite enough, so the problem is not there anymore.
My machine runs at 1.38 gig idling, when I open TG it goes up to 1.9, and loading a simple procedural TGD it stays kind of the same. When rendering the simple, latest rockscene with 2 pops it goes up to 3.8.


What are your subdivision cache settings set to?


They are at their default. As most of the other settings actually...

@ Dune - Same here. My idle RAM oscillates between 1.2-1.5GB Ram. Same value when starting TG.
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