Day N night cycle

Started by Michelh, June 24, 2016, 04:16:40 pm

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Here is a video I am making atm with Terragen 3. It is not finished as i still have about 100 frames to go ..

I will add the link here to the other posts about this scene that are in the image section of the site.

As always feedback is more then welcome.,21656.0.html


I like that cloud movement  :)


Thank you, its still a rough animation an am not too happy about the trees the mix they dont go together  that well in my mind but the goal was to have cloud animations with a day an night cycle.

Nacer Eddine

in render camera :  Blur option, try to make Motion blur length less than .3
play with contrast and gamma correction
continue flying a specilay  at the end , i like the scene