Terragen 4 now available + upgrade options for existing users

Started by Oshyan, October 18, 2016, 02:48:26 pm

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Hello all! Terragen 4 is now available through our new website. You can find out all about it starting with What's New in Terragen 4 here:

For existing users we have a range of upgrade options from versions all the way back to Terragen Classic, making for a more affordable buy-in to Terragen 4 no matter what your last version of Terragen was. We'll be sending out an email to all licensed users soon, but we're also including the upgrade instructions below for reference. If you have any problems don't hesitate to contact us at registrations AT planetside.co.uk!

Upgrade Instructions

  • First visit http://planetside.co.uk/returning-customers/

  • Register for a new account using the same email you purchased Terragen with.

  • Once registered, you must approve your account via a link that will be emailed to you.

  • After you approve by clicking the link in the email, you should be logged-in and automatically taken to your order history summary. If not you can click here (but only after approving the account registration): http://planetside.co.uk/checkout/purchase-history/

  • On that page you'll see any past purchases (if for example you purchased TG Classic, TG2, and TG3 all with the same email, you'll see them all there). There are other functions here, but we'll focus on upgrading for now.

  • The far-right column is "license keys" with an option to "view licenses" which should be a live link for each product. Click on the most recent product you bought and wish to upgrade from (e.g. click on TG2 if you have purchased both TG Classic and TG2).

  • Once you click View Licenses, you should get to a page where the right-most column is "Upgrades" and will have a link for each product to show available upgrades for it. Again you will want to choose to upgrade the most recent product in your account so the upgrade price will be correct (more recent products will have lower upgrade prices).

  • Once you view and choose an upgrade option you just go through the regular shopping cart experience and pay with Paypal. Your license should then be upgraded and you'll get an email and additional instructions for converting the short text string license to a downloadable Terragen 4 license key.

- Oshyan


It has been eaten.


Is there any updated wiki or information for Terragen 4?

The wiki for Terragen 2/3 has a lot of "TBC"'s and "last updated October 2014," and some of the new feature details are buried in the patch notes (that I can find so far).

I could be looking in the wrong place though, since I'm so new to the Terragen family.

Thank you in advance, and congratulations to the team on the new release!

Timothy Eustace Major


Documentation for Terragen 4 functionality is in progress. We are also working to update the rest of the documentation where necessary. Note that much of the older Terragen 2 and 3 documentation still applies to Terragen 4. Thanks for your patience!

- Oshyan