Beta file corrupted ? Terragen_4_Beta_Win64_39040_light-icon.msi.html ?

Started by danklife, July 07, 2016, 12:31:16 pm

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Wanted to try out the beta and the downloaded file is messed up. I am getting "Terragen_4_Beta_Win64_39040_light-icon.msi.html" which just opens in a web browser as text. Any ideas about whats happening?


Have you tried to save it with different browsers?
How big is the file? If its size is something like  "19 217 408"  then just delete the last ".html" part of the file.
The last part-extention should be with "msi" .
If you use any kind out download helper try without it.


I was using Firefox on Windows. Switched to Safari on mac and changing it to just .MSI did the trick. Thanks!


Strange, I've just verified that Firefox on Windows works fine with the download. For the Windows version of the beta (the only currently available), everyone should be expecting to get a .MSI file.

- Oshyan