Exceeded maximum tread count in this session Error

Started by kanistra, July 24, 2016, 01:27:31 am

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Hello guys,

when i am trying to render i have render error 'Exceeded maximum tread count in this session Error', or if i activate RPT preview. It is not always happening, sometimes not. Sometimes i just have a warning message "size of subdiv cache per thread is only 53Mb (3000/56), which could reduce performance..." I have dual xeon workstation total 56 threats. Anyone know solution ? will this be fixed in final version ? Where i can increase subdiv cache ? And how it should be calculated for 56 threads ?



To increase the size of the subdiv cache, go to the Renderer node and the Advanced tab. Generally the target is 100MB per CPU thread, so 5600MB would be a good value for you.

- Oshyan