Problem with the sharpness of the render

Started by 8609852k, August 07, 2016, 12:24:59 PM

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I'm french, sorry for my bad English!
I use Terragen for a long time now. I am currently testing version 4 Beta 2 and I take advantage of the 25 Days of trials for use maximized.

I have a small problem with the quality of the final render. I also have this problem with other version of terragen.
Indeed the result is generally blur especially on things far enough...
While rendering the website gallery Terragen and
specially Luc Bianco (my favorite ^^) is a very clear quality (not blurred) distant mountains ...

How to achieve this?

My settings:

atmosphere settings:

Sample quality: 128
Cloud setting: 0.9

render settings:

Micropoly detail: 0.9 (I have the same problem with 1)
Anti alisaing: 8

Motion blur: 3D motion blur (It's necessary to enable?)
Ray Trace object

GI setting:
GI hides detail; 2
GI sample quality: 4
GI blur radius 8
Sample prepass: ON

(Here is an example or mountain is 5 km but , for me, blurred...)

Thank you for your help!


Have you experimented with your atmosphere settings? Haze and quality are two things to adjust and probably not on such high render settings.


First, lower your Atmosphere Samples. 128 is really high, *especially* if Defer Atmosphere is enabled (which it is by default in Terragen 4). Just leave the atmosphere at 16 samples until you know you need more (when you see noise in the atmosphere). Higher Atmosphere samples will *not* give you sharper results.

Second, keep in mind that many of the renders in the Terragen gallery, and that are shared here, have some amount of *post processing* applied to them. Often it is minor, just sharpening for example, or a little downsampling, and maybe some minor contrast or color adjustment. But this can definitely give a nicer-looking result than a straight, unedited render.

Finally, you might consider changing the Pixel Filter that is used with the Antialiasing (in Renderer settings). You can try a "sharper" filter, they are mostly labeled by what they do. You can also just experiment with them to find one you like.

Overall I do not think there is *anything* in the render settings of the images you are seeing from other people that is making their images sharper than yours. Perceived "sharpness" is often much more to do with the construction of the scene, and the types of objects, textures, etc. that are in it, as well as subtle differences in post processing (e.g. Unsharp Mask). Testing on such simple terrain-only scenes is also probably not going to give you much information.  Terrain is, in general, not very "sharp".

- Oshyan



Thank you for these responses ! I actually did not think the post processing ...

Here are some results with Gimp.

Hetzen thank you
Oshyan thank you for the explanation of the " sharper " filter