A Heightfield Question

Started by Urantia Jerry, August 13, 2016, 12:16:11 pm

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Urantia Jerry

I have done some research on the forums, and I have tried using Terragen to accomplish what I would like to do - but I have not been able to find the answer to the following question.

Let's say a Heightfield is created, or imported, is it possible to drop the heightfield partially underground so that only the uppermost parts of the heightfield show?  Has any one done this?  Any help would be most appreciated.  Thank you - Jerry


I never work with heightfields, but there are some additional nodes that can help, like the clip vertical and adjust vertical. Maybe you can lower it using those. You could also (I guess) use the displacement to scalar node, add a smooth step, and some constants (the heights you need to show), and feed that into a diplacement shader, which will shape your terrain. Or you could place the heightfield on a second planet, or sphere, same size, and add a surface layer or displacement shader with a constant (offset) to lower the main surface, so the heightfield will sink into the main planet.


I think you can also increase the "displacement offset" of the very first "Base colors" node. This should "inundate" your heightfield with some land and leave peaks standing.
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Urantia Jerry

Wow - great idea's I had not even considered.  Thank you I will give them a shot.