Urban scene animated WIP

Started by Hannes, October 03, 2016, 09:17:09 am

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Quote from: Dune on October 08, 2016, 10:10:07 am
You don't make it easy on yourself  ;)

You may be right!! :-\

Quote from: j meyer on October 08, 2016, 11:31:24 am
Cool animation. Especially the brake lights on the turning car and
at least one other taxi are great details.
Agree with Ulco about the pedestrians.

Thanks, Jochen. Yes, I love such little details.

Quote from: DocCharly65 on October 08, 2016, 12:20:11 pm
I think the little problems with the humans populations are only visible if you play the animation in an endless loop and watch detailed again and again.

Thanks, Nils,
unfortunately this is exactly the way I use to watch this kind of animations. Especially my own ones...

However, my system just gave me another error message after frame 109 ("not enough RAM, close some programs, why not TG 4?, your scene is too demanding, your computer is going to explode, you idiot...), so I'll reboot and carry on. As long as it takes. I think, I'm a hero.   ;)


Have you done everything you can to minimize memory use? Combine duplicate texture references, etc?

- Oshyan


Well I'm gob smacked. watched it with loop off first and it seemed cinematic to me...and I guess you've not been to NY NY..they do bump into each other a bit downtown....heh heh..thought it was intentional.
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I thought for sure the sunbathers would surely turn over to settle the debate. :P Or at least one fight. ;D

Typical,...if there are vehicles involved...get em moving! Very good animation. To do this without features available in other programs is astounding!


Great stuff. Yes it looks like a movie!
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OK guys, here is the final HD movie.
Oshyan, I already tried to combine some texture references, but there's a lot more I guess. And since I was already rendering, I decided not to change anything and eventually the frames were completed. Next time I'll be smarter!!

There's still a lot of people running into each other and every obstacle they're heading to, but I can live with that. For now.
Since there are not too many people trying to create some sort of crowd simulation or animation at all here in the forum, I guess there will be no collision detection with the appropriate behavior in the near future in TG.


Hannes, on my Amazon fire it looks perfect!

With less dense populations you could perhaps avoid collisions but if you don't tell anybody, nobody will see the mistakes.and I won't tell anybody too ;)

...wow! I didn't know how much I hate writing on a tablet...  ;D ;D ;D


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People running into each other or not it looks great Hannes :)

51 population? Except for special cases 4 or a little more populations could be enough maybe?
1 population that you cloned 4 times and transform rotated, masked with a walk line image mask for all populations for example?
Curious which method you used?

As earlier said i doubt that anybody would see any problem in this especially with one watch at all.

Nice work. I saw "the looking man" on the roof too. Sweet :)


WOW...I know I've said that before...here's another for the TG4 webpage eh Oshyan?
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Super! That many pops astounds me as well. And 'walk line', Kadri? I don't think that works in TG, I'm sure it doesn't really. That would be awesome of course, if you could draw a path for a pop to follow, with the instances turning where they should. Some way to influence the 0-360 rotation by function would be nice, though I wouldn't know how that could work. I have the same with a herd of reindeer; and that's just one still herd in an S-shaped line, I'd like them to rotate according to that line.
Well, I really love your finished project again, great work.

And the guy on that roof is abbout to do something he won't be able to regret  :'(


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Quote from: Dune on October 11, 2016, 02:09:37 am
... And 'walk line', Kadri? I don't think that works in TG, I'm sure it doesn't really...

Just think of an image mask with some straight black and white lines for one direction and the negative for the opposite walking ones Ulco.
Nothing fancy.The intersecting would be minimal in this way too.
Or you could use a "Shader array" node too as a mask for this maybe.
Some guys manually walking around the corners would be enough to give the illusion without the need for a population.


OK, I thought you meant some fancy masking. But still, what happens if a pop crosses the white line into black, do the instances disappear? I have no clue about setting up moving pops, mind you. I would think you can only use the pop size and Y angle to keep them in, not a mask.


Thanks a lot again, guys.
I lied. It's only 50 pops. The 51st is the pedestrian crossing the street, and he's a single object. Now, there's 50 pops, because I created five areas where people are walking. Each area contains five pops with offset animation loops walking in one direction and five pops in the opposite one. Unfortunately I hadn't thought of Kadri's idea to create masks at least for the identical pops that march in the same direction. It probably would have saved some RAM-usage, I guess. Apart from that there are eight pops with standing (Xoio-) people. See attached image (it's a PS-mix of RTP and regular preview).
Creating masks to avoid colliding instances would have been possible, but like that all the pedestrians would walk more or less in rows, which would look a bit unnatural. And think of all the obstacles: there are street lamps, bins, trash and canopied busstops. Each thing would have to be taken into account.


holy moly! 8) 8) 8) 8)
I had this on loop for ages... my coffee went cold...
this is awesome!
anti-collision would be amazing!
some more sunbathers would be enough to distract anyone from the ghost/bumpers!
I am dropping the camera and traveling around this in my imagination...
waiting for the climax point... what is going to happen next?
I dof my cap!