unable to use license file to upgrade

Started by folder, October 30, 2016, 06:41:22 pm

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i was trying to pay for an upgrade from 3 professional to 4 creative. but was unable to paste the license file. couldit be my laptop or the file   


It sounds like you may have misunderstood some part of the instructions. You do not use your old key file for any part of the upgrade process. The only time you paste a license is when you get the alphanumeric (simple text) license string after you complete the purchase process. You copy the license text from the email you receive and paste it into the online key generator. If you have reached that step then you have already upgraded. Otherwise you need to follow the upgrade steps as described here:

If you have further issues or questions please contact us directly at registrations AT planetside.co.uk

- Oshyan