Question? How to export Heightmaps from TG 4 terrains?

Started by xevious2501, November 05, 2016, 07:04:18 pm

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Been trying to figure this one out but i need some help.
Looking into the old TG software wiki instructions i was able to export geometry via the micro exporter but even when checking off normals its not generating any maps.
And noteably i need height maps not just normals.   

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  even a simple TG file with the setup.

Thanks :P


The Micro Exporter only outputs geometry. If that's not what you need, it's not the approach to use.

For height maps/heightfields, you need to use a Heightfield Generate node. If your terrain is Procedural, then you feed the last shader in your procedural terrain network into the Shader input of your Heightfield Generate. Then you set the size of the heightfield in meters and pixels (area coverage and detail, respectively) and Generate. Then right-click the node in the node network and choose Save As. You can save as EXR or TER (Terragen terrain format).

- Oshyan


I've tried this for a heighmap I've imported into Terragen but I get a white image in exr export. Am I doing something wrong? I have attached a screenprint of the node network
My purpose is to import a heightmap in Terragen, use the border blending percentage to shrink the edges and export it again so it is easier to integrate with other terrains.


The Border Blending happens in the Heightfield Shader (red), not the Heightfield Load. You need to connect the output of that to the *Shader* input (right-side) of the Heightfield Generate. Then you must click the Generate button in the Heightfield Generate node to get the result. I believe you know the rest.

- Oshyan