cast shadows from invisible obj

Started by radix, November 13, 2016, 09:11:33 pm

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Good to hear from you, Jo. I'm glad damage is minor.


Great to see you posting Jo,with no major damage; had us very concerned if I may speak for others. Some friends of mine had to cancel the NZ leg of their tour as the NZ leg coinsided eggs ackley with the shake up.
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Just curious if this has been resolved on the Mac side of things yet.


I think this has not been resolved. I confirmed with v4.1.18 for OS X.

It correctly works on v4.1.18 for Windows.


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oh I have just seen the jo's reply about earthquake... I hope you recover from damage...


Yes, that's correct. We have a new update in the works which should resolve it.

- Oshyan


This has been fixed in 4.1.20 on the Mac and 4.1.19 on Linux. These builds are now available through "Check for Updates."

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