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Started by Mr_Lamppost, September 08, 2007, 09:14:54 pm

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While working on a scene, rendering now, I have come across a couple of things that could be a little easier.

No #1

Is it possible to insert a clip into the internal network of an object shader?

I have a previously created object, with TG surface materials applied to it via a multi shader.  I have a modified version of the object which is now split into two components, I want to use the existing materials.  I can save these as a clip file from the old scene and import them into the new version, I can then link the new split object(s) to them but this leaves object shaders hanging around at the top level of the node network.  For the time being this is a bit messy but not a real problem as the materials I am using are fairly simple but I can see the potential for difficulties with more complex materials.

I did find a work around:

#1 Create a blank scene.
#2 Include both the new multi component version of the object, also the original version with the materials applied to it.
#3 Open the internal network of the original object, select the material nodes and use EDIT / COPY to place them on the clipboard.
#4 Open the internal network of the new object components.
#5 EDIT / PASTE the material nodes from the clipboard into the object component's internal network.
#6 Link these pasted nodes to the internal multi shader; replacing the materials included with the object component.
#7 Delete the now redundant materials imported with the object.
#8 Navigate up one level in the node network and save a new version of the object component.

Repeat  steps #4 - #8 for each component.

#9 Close the temporary scene.
#10 open the scene where the new component version of the object is to be used and import the newly saved versions of each component.

While this works it is a bit long winded and could be a bit fiddly if you wanted to re-use materials from several different objects.  The ability to include clip files directly into the internal network of an object would allow for the building of a library of common materials, which could be easily re-used as often as required.

No #2

Is it possible to apply a single transform shadet to multiple objects and or light sources?

I need to place the components of the new version of my object along with a light source at a specific location within my scene.  It would be very easy to align the components and light relative to the origin then apply a single common transform to position the multiple component object within the scene. I was able to use the following method because I was replacing an old version of the object which had already been positioned within the scene.  If this were not the case then a temporary "Dummy" object could be used to find the required position of the composite object.

Again there is a workable method:

#1 Open the scene with the existing (Old), version of the object placed at it's final position.
#2 Add the new components and or light source.
#3 Adjust the transforms of each component so that they are aligned correctly if required.
#4 Open the properties window of the old version of the object so that the transform information is visible in a "Floating" Window.  Make sure that this is set to "Stay Open".
#5 Select one of the components of the new version of the object so that the properties including the transform information are visible. 
#6 Copy and paste each value of the transform from the existing or temporary reference object to the new object component. 

Repeat step #6 for each component of the new object, remembering to manually add any transform values applied to the component so that it retains its correct relative position to the other components.

#7 Delete the original or temporary reference object.

Again this method works but is cumbersome and open to the introduction of error when the two transforms of the original object and the new component are added. If it were possible to use a single transform shader on multiple object components and or light sources it would be much simpler to place complex multi component objects within a scene.  This would also greatly simplify the animation of multi component or multiple objects.

I hope that it is clear what I have been trying to do here.
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To move all nodes from a clipfile to the internal network:

1. Select all the nodes (shift click) in the clip file.
2. Copy to clipboard.
3. Go to the inner network
4. Paste by using the the paste in the edit menu.


OK point taken:

Bring the materials in from my clip library , then just move them to the internal networks. 

Not quite as nice as doing it directly but would certainly work.  :)

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I have inserted clip files directly into internal networks.  I had to zoom out to see them, but that deends on the coordinates of the nodes in the original network.


I have tried that but all my clips get inserted at the top level no matter what I do.   

Pasting them from there to the internal network is working OK though.

What would be hande would be to be able to right click on a node and include all the nodes feeding in to it in the selection.

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Sometimes when I paste nodes inside an internal network they don't seem to appear, but after zooming out they are often pasted well above the current nodes in the network. So sometimes it's a little bit hide and seek  :D


Volker Harun

Just go level up and then into the internal network again - then you see them correctly.


If you press 'F' at any time in a network view it will "fit" the view to all the nodes in that view. If you insert a clip or paste nodes and you do not see them, press 'F'.

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