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Started by Aleksei, December 07, 2016, 05:49:31 am

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December 07, 2016, 05:49:31 am Last Edit: December 07, 2016, 05:57:38 am by Aleksei
I have a problem with textures that are 65000 px wide   ::)
When I use 65000px JPG or PNG texture for surface diffuse color I have a big white stripe bending the Earth. And UV is distorted. Also I have the same problem with textures used for specular and illumination channels. But when I reduce the texture sizes to 43200 px it looks ok.

Is it a Terragen limitation or a bug?
I have 64 GB RAM and around 30 BG remains free when I use Terragen.

Also I have a crazy theory which I didn't check yet: when I had problems with these textures I was using 43200px PNG texture for displacement. What if I increase Displacement texture size to 65000px (to match the size of other textures)? Maybe this will make the other 65000px work well? Please refer to my node tree.
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What if you import the displacement map in the default shader as well. There's no need (afaics) for the compute terrain nor the base color anyway. But that may not take away the band.... I've never encountered this, but I don't use such huge textures.


I had the same issue when trying to load a similar size texture and concluded that it was indeed reaching Terragen's limit. I couldn't get anything to load above 56k as a single image.

What you can do as a workaround is split your 60k image in two squares, and manually put their coordinate in a geog image shader. I succesfully loaded the equivalent of a 86k image file that way.

Regarding the displacement, increasing the size from 43k to 60k won't change a thing except using more memory. You will not create extra details, just blur the existing one by scaling the map up.



Indeed, I think this may be running into the limitations of the image loading library we use. I have not had success loading such large images myself either.

- Oshyan


Very useful experience, Kyl, thank you!
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