Another shrub tested

Started by Dune, March 02, 2017, 02:00:11 am

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Jo Kariboo

Excellent vegetation distribution. Beautifull picture!


I hope you shared this with the person who released the models. Fantastic render!


Wonderful image (as always !). An xfrog only scene? Is this for a promotion? A nice example of the xfrog libraries and a reminder of the excellent assets available there.


Yes, it's something for me being Artist of the Month in April. Stewart was keen to see some specifically XFrog scenes, so that was a good incentive to pull some out again. I didn't do much more than adding some pop variation and plain translucency, but with proper use of good translucency, reflective and bump maps, they would possibly be better still.

I did a test with the -cropoutput started tgd.exe, and rendered 4 slightly overlapping crops. With normal crops the rest of the total image is of course black and the file size of each crop twice as much as with the -cropoutput crops (12MB versus 6MB). The memory use with the normal crops was 12.5 gigs max, with - cropoutput it was 7.4gigs. Rendertime @ 0.6 and AA6, and soft shadows (6 samples) was 1 hour.
I used a GICache for the total, and blended the read within the 4 crop range. In PS I put them in layers and there was no difference in color whatsoever, so even an exact fitting crop would work.
Learned something again, and with a big museum thing coming up (hopefully) this is very valuable to know.

I actually liked that upper right part as it is, so I kept that as well.


I ask again? Are these statue models all the Bardou collection?



Wow, the lights and the atmo is amazing. Superb scene.
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QuoteBardou collection?
Yes, they are.


This latest one is really nice indeed. I like the low mist and lighting on the statues.

- Oshyan



Really nice. about as beautiful as anything I've ever seen created in Terragen


Nice, but I think it needs more mist, especially around those very cool sculptures. Try another one, earlier in the morning and more mist broken up. Also, throw in a few cypress trees. Sculptures like these come from Italy, don't they?


Good idea, Dorian. The statues are French, but well, I love cypresses and old Italian moods, and I was already thinking that the mist is too even and low. I also might add some sort of broad stone stairs on the left towards the building, have to make them.
I had a few cypresses at first, but I didn't like them, and since this is supposed to be XFrog all, I threw them out. I'll toss in one of my own  ;)