Another shrub tested

Started by Dune, March 02, 2017, 02:00:11 am

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Finished the cypressversion (made in XFrog), reduced to 70%. Original was at AA8, and ran within 2 hours. Now up to something else....


like this last one, ulco. also like the 2nd to last image so far.
It has been eaten.


Well done...those cypress' are a lovely tree....and the setting for the sculptures is so real I can almost smell the wildflowers.
something borrowed,
something Blue.
Ring out the Old.
Bring in the New
Bobby Stahr, Paracosmologist


It's a bit like I used to paint....

j meyer

Realcrops with the lighting of Lagoon would be cool.


very nice. Love the mist and the lighting!

Lady of the Lake

I am always amazed at your talent.


Your gifts are many. What a great ability to apply both the artistic and logical assets you have been given.
Your love of nature is very evident as well as your attention to detail. Those fresco murals are amazing also. Do you teach in addition to all that you do? (Aside from all the assistance you freely give here in this forum)




Thanks very much. I was fortunate enough never to have to do teaching  ;) Not my forte.
I tried to make stairs (LW) like in the Lagoon yesterday. Would be nice to duplicate that painting in TG. It needs to be such that I can fit a rock outcrop next to it, with some angles, so I'll have another go at it.


Love all of these Ulco, what medium did you paint with?
Exquisite Imagery!


Great paintings, I like how you've kept the egret :)

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Beautiful, Ulco!! Fantastic paintings. Definitely something I'd put on my wall.


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I've worked in oils mostly. Underpainting and several layers of glazing and opaque medium and lighter patches. The film of paint is very important, adding to the mystery. The white egrets are among my favorite birds, so I keep them in my work, indeed.

Managed some stairs, but it was pretty hard to fit a terrain to it. Probably easier to make a 'terrain object' next to it.

Here's another one of my paintings.