VISTA Home support?

Started by narvik, September 12, 2007, 05:25:40 pm

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Does TG2 run on a VISTA Home Edition machine?



Although we have not yet been able to test Vista extensively "in-house", there are many Vista users working with Terragen 2 by now and we have had few problem reports. There are some generally minor issues which are common to many other similar applications, for example OpenGL drawing artifacts. These can generally be resolved by ensuring you have the latest drivers for your hardware. Installation should be done as Administrator and it should go smoothly.

We will be doing more extensive Vista testing soon.

- Oshyan


Thanks Oshyan.

I see I can pick up a DELL for $329 that has a AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core 3800+, 160GB HD, and 1GB RAM, but alas, it comes with VISTA HOME BASIC...
Upgrading the OS to VISTA Ultimate costs $149.00.
I guess it won't be long the M$ OS costs more than the computer...
Oh wait, I digress...

Thanks Oshyan...


Hi narvik,

Just wanted to add that I changed over to Vista home premium from XP a few days ago and have been using TG2 a lot since then. The only problems i've had are the problems I had with XP in that a couple of times a day TG2 will stop responding and the buttons stop working and I have to force quit TG2 and reopen it, from what i've read on here it seems to be a memory leak problem in TG2 though and nothing to do with the OS. I was having driver problems with all opengl software on XP, even with the latest drivers, but as soon as I changed over to vista all those problems went away. So up to now i'm very happy with vista, it seems very stable and i've not come across any problems at all.


Just as an update I'm now running Vista Home Premium x64. It will be a bit different from others given that it's x64, but I should be able to get in a lot more Vista testing now in any case.

- Oshyan