Terragen importer/exporter for Blender

Started by kalwalt, March 26, 2017, 03:03:31 PM

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Hi Terragen people!  :)
I'm developing a little addon for Blender software that let you import and export a .ter (terragen format) file. Previously there was an old script for this but is pretty old now and unusable with the new Blender version.  I'd like a feedback from the Terragen users, so if you use Blender download it form here:
if you want to test the import multi tile feature grab it from the dev branch:
for some basic infos, go to the wiki:
For any issues report here:

I'm new to python programming and blender dev also, i'm not a professional developer so bugs will be possible. In this period i'm also contributing to the Sverchok addon https://github.com/nortikin/sverchok, but this is another story, i think i willl introduce this in another thread in this forum.

My idea of the addon is also to save a .tgd with all the obj and terrain files, but i think i will deal with it in an imprecise moment. Now I will be happy if someone try and use my addon...
Thanks for the attention.
Walter Perdan
Terragen 3 creative + animation license