TG4 crashes on latest Windows Creators Update

Started by DocCharly65, April 06, 2017, 06:06:03 PM

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With the last Windows 10 Update (Creators Update Windows 10 Home 1703) I cannot start TG4 anymore. It crashes without any clear hint.

After rollback to the previous Windows 10 version it works again.
Does anyone know what the problem could be?

On two other PCs with the latest Windows update there are no problems!


Then I think you should post your specs in if you believe this is a machine-specific problem.
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Is there any info in the crash? An error message or log file created? If you navigate to the TG4 install folder and start it with tgdcli.exe instead of tgd.exe, what is the last thing you see in the console output before TG crashes? Is there anything about it in your system logs that might indicate the cause?

My first thought would be graphics driver related...

- Oshyan


@ N-drju: Just the specs as I can see it at first glance:
Win10 64 Bit, Intel Core i7-4790 @3.60 Ghz, 16,0 GTB RAM, Nvidia GForce GTX 760

@ Oshyan: Thanks for your suggestion with the tgdcli.exe - I hope I don't forget before the next try.

When the crash happended I just got an error message like "Terragen doesn't work any more - Windows will inform you if we find a solution" No Log - no other message.
I tried 10-15 times including one "Repair-installation of the latest TG4 version"
As well I tried starting from Desktop symbol, taskbar, from the program folder and by just opening a tgd file.

Always the same: The program window opened and while trying to show the TG user interface, it crashed.

Graphics driver is the latest version.

The Eventlogs don't show any crash!
(since 04/01 - and that Terragen crash was plausible because I accidently had overrided the size of subdiv cache with some million GB ;D )

Since the Rollback I had no more problems - so at the moment it's ok for me to keep the OS on the last Windows version because this PC doesn't do anything else but rendering TG animations @ 7/24


Interesting. I will have to test it on my side when I get access to that update. I haven't gotten it yet...

- Oshyan