No long way in sight

Started by Agura Nata, April 11, 2017, 11:26:16 AM

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Agura Nata

For some time I work with vue 2016 Pioneeer and with the Render Up I can also print it in any more size.
However, I am not convinced 100 per cent, despite simple operation of the lands.

How it goes with me is open, I am sick for almost 2 years and the money is scarce.
If I work again as an artist, I will probably paint, which is cheaper than a full version of a 3 D program

First is TG
Second Vue

More of my works:
"Live and Learn!"


Second one is very cool!
Dell T5500 with Dual Hexa Xeon CPU 3Ghz, 32Gb ram, GTX 1080
Amiga 1200 8Mb ram, 8Gb ssd


Your work is always outstanding! Your ability to apply both technical and artistic techniques is to be envied and appreciated.

It is a shame that illness and sustenance restrict many of us. Please visit us when you can and reward us with the pleasure of seeing your experiments, whatever they may be! :)