Rendering DOTS? render doesnt seem to complete?

Started by pthomas1172, May 23, 2017, 11:23:43 AM

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For the last two days, I've only been getting dots when I render a scene?

- It's a very basic scene with just a cloud layer.
- When I create a new scene it renders normally / Fine

edit: I tried turning off the GI cache

Any thoughts?


Do you wait out the dots? It's a prepass for the GI. After that it really starts rendering, so to say.


Thanks for the reply,

Yes I do, that's what I thought at first, but I get a "FINISHED RENDERING" notification


Look in your Render settings. In the GI settings.


Ensure the settings for the cache file are as above.



Creating a new Renderer and Camera?

It's as if it's calling the render complete at the end of the pre-pass. How long does it take to "finish?"

The cache setting is the prime suspect. I can't think of any others.

And this is specific to this file?

Just for a laugh (it would be something I'd try) gather the file and try rendering that one. Should make no difference but...


If it is saying "Finished Rendering" and the dots remain on the screen, then the only explanation I can think of is that you have it set to Write a GI Cache File. I know you say you've already checked that, but I don't know what else would cause it. Even if your camera were located somewhere that would render all-black, you should still at least see the dots disappear and be replaced by black before it says "Finished". Do you have multiple render nodes in your scene?

- Oshyan


(yeah, I'm def not writing cache to disk)

But, it stopped....

so I restarted for the fifth time this morning, But after I started Saving Iteratively , it stopped breaking? It hasn't broke since, makes no sense.


Indeed, that doesn't make sense. Let us know if it starts happening again and try to determine exactly what you do that triggers it in that case.

- Oshyan