Based on Dunes road setup

Started by DocCharly65, May 09, 2017, 01:30:19 am

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Quote from: Dune on June 10, 2017, 02:27:39 am
Cool. You need to be sponsored by Planetside  ;)

Thanks  ;D
I don't think I 'm good enough. And besides... in one shot I have a Coca Cola and a Head 'n Shoulder product placement... I think they have a bigger purse than Planetside.

And there's still the problem, that especially those big companies could have the idea, that I need a chargeable licence from THEM for using their logos ...  :-\ ;)
... so for the moment I am better silent and I'm happy that I may use the Planetside Logos (I hope you remember your permission, Oshyan?) ;)

Meanwhile some new impressions what's going on...

A mall sideview shot of the moving truck (Testrender frame 100 of 250):

Some seconds sideview of the Serenity climbing to the stars:

Here I "abused" the "dunes road setup" to be a small river ;) Just colored the road area shader blue and increased the reflectivity.
The streets are just grey surfaces masked by straight sss

Because it's really only visible for 5-7 seconds and in movement I didn't spend too much time in detail work. For a "real still shot" of course I would work on the surfaces of the agricultural fields and I would add little farms and I could place the trees along the roads more accurate... if I wantet a real still shot...   ;)


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In 48 h I'll get the next animation render finished from pixelplow... I don't know if I can finish the next teaser already this weekend or if I want to add more animations.

Meanwhile I had to do a decision because of the witch... I gave up rendering additional fog when she appears. Really too long rendertimes (with adaequad fog quality). But I think it's not really necessary or I'll do one of the really seldom video postworks...

The witch appears:
[attach=1]   [attach=2]   [attach=3]

Little cutscene about an eroticized cameraman (with included subtitles for better understanding the scene ;) :
[attach=4]   [attach=5]

I fear I'll have to rate the film when it's ready like: "PG - Parental Guidance Suggested Some material may not be suitable for children. " ;)


I almost forgot ... I am not sure if I correctly interpretate the "Wizard of Oz" - but I think this animation is necessary to get the red shoes for Dorothy... and the Serenity cannot loose a house but a container...


Poor witch... I feel bad now... somehow... :'(


Nice little story boards you got here Doc, excellent work


Looks good Doc :)
You are near the end then?


Haha! Man I love having you around Nils, you make such fun, creative (and prolific) work in Terragen!

- Oshyan


QuoteYou are near the end then?
:D :D :D :D


This is epic Doc!
Thankfully you squished the witch, I would not sleep tonight knowing she is still around!
Great skin she has too, but those eyes!


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Thanks friends :)

You cannot imagine what I had to do for this animation sequence!  :-[

I  HAD  TO  SELECT  AND  BUY  WOMEN'S  SHOES!!!  :'( :-\ :-[ ::) :o

I didn't like the last version of the free shoes from archive3D - I think it's wellknown that you need a bit luck to find really good models for free but I was too lazy to go on searching or repairing... So I bought a new pair of shoes for Dorothy and the witch ... not expensive - 3$ was ok...

The old shoes:

The new shoes:

The scene with the new shoes
Besides: The puddle of the witches corpse is just the witch-model with almost 0 hight ... and a little crushed in the width... as it just physically happend...  ::) and some reflection shaders...

Kadri... Ulcos reaction on your question was the best I ever saw ;) ;) ;)
In fact I still try to keep 2020 for the film premiere - but I have so many new options how I can improve details and add scenes that I fear I would have to change the "Coming 2020" into "Coming 2025"

These days I had contact to Raul Mamoru (the modell builder of the TMP Enterprise)... He just brought me to an idea which will solve many problems I still have with the logic of the film: ( I copy just some parts of the email because I am soooo lazy ;) )
So far it was not planned to let R2D2 and Riddick cooperate... Riddick should only find the Robot that seemed to have excaped from the Enterprise in the desert.

Now I have a solution I was looking for since months... Why is Riddick flying through the desert without taking notice of R2D2? And even when he would have found R2D2 - what would he do with him?
...gave me the hint - R2D2 first visited Riddick at the poolhouse and told him that he was on the way to the place where the entity arrives on Earth...
Now Riddick can go on the way to that place, he can tell the Enterprise the Place - and the fleet of all the starships can go on the way to that place too... R2D2 can simply continue its way there - meets BB8 in the desert and everything is great...

But what the entity wants on earth is still a secret... Only a hint: There's still missing a story part with somthing about X-Men... There's no Enterprise D (TNG)... Lt. Data is missing - Cpt. Picard is missing... Or is in reality Charles Xavier the true captain of the TNG Enterprise? ... secrets over secrets... I almost told too much now 😁


::)  :)

The new shoes do look good (sounds strange...i don't care for shoes too :) ).


Was just playing around with the witch...


Best what I could do with my postwork experience was that flashing ball Ifounf on youtube...
Perhaps when I do the final cut I'll have to ask someone for help who has experience with speciall effects and postwork :)


Terrific! I like the windmill moving about.



During the weekend I did some more detail work...

Because I had so much texturing work with the Harvester (by NosleepinGT on Turbosquid) I of course want it to be seen :)
Also I thought it would be nice to see some hay bales (by henriquebg88 on cgtrader)
Also I changed the way how the "witch-puddle" spreads.

So I restarted the animation render...

Frame 4 of 150:

Another construction site is the intro animation to show the place where the Serenity appears the first time.
It's still mostly the same as the 360° panorama but a good looking camera rotation is a different challenge. I tried to get not too large render times. I can live now with app. 45 up to 120 minutes per frame.

A new car came into the scene (VW Golf by Giovanni Bartolomeo on Archive3D) and I added a rose bush in the foreground for having a better width in the POV.

Before starting the 600 frames animation render I did some testrenders in this case ;)

[attach=2]   [attach=3]

[attach=4]   [attach=5]