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Started by DocCharly65, May 24, 2017, 01:53:22 pm

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It's time :)

Sorry dear Ulco, but because of several reasons I had to go on using babies voices for a while...

But I hope you all have a little bit fun anyway:

We get a bit closer to the "real" story this time - but still some steps away to keep the secrets.

In the beginning this was just ment to be a collection of nice animations of sunrises and landscapes... But I think meanwhile some people here know me... ;D

First I planned to use some real voice actors and e.g. Bobby and otakar offered their help. But because it was not enough time I came back to the babies voices. (a slightly different version of this video was a birthday present these days)

It has the advantage to keep the film what it should be: For fun! And I don't need to care about similarity of the voices to the original actors.

Music score is  grown a little bit :) The X-files theme is a almost unmodified midifile from /
Rest is from me.

Because I am sooooo lazy, I used the same credits as in the last teaser ;D Sorry ;)


oh my god. Huge amount of work. So many sounds added, really enhances the scenes. Pretty cool camera positions and moves, too. Some parts really feel cinematic.


Incredible! I like the tons of detail you took care of. And I like the baby voices!


I've gotten used to the babychatter, and I must say; you are putting together a very crafty (and detailed) piece of art! Your attention to the special effects and detail is indeed incredible.


i'm impressed.................very good work. If the teaser is this long, what will the finished video be?  ???


Thank you all :)

Quote from: yossam on May 26, 2017, 02:37:37 pm
... what will the finished video be?  ???

As you can see  (,23137.0.html  the story is growing every day ;D

But if I think about... all in all... half an hour?


Wow, lots of great stuff in there. Pretty fun to watch. I'll bet you and Hannes could put your work together and it would be great. With all the grass and foliage, I'm curious about your AA/GI settings. Did you go over 10? What about pixel noise threshold?


Thanks :)

To spare render time I seldom use higher than 4-5...
Most of the flickering I could get rid with 5-8.
The hardest job was the flickering of reflections highlights inside the room. I think I worked 2 months on that stupid clock and the wisky bottles /glasses. And it's still there but human brain works for me and mostly ignores it.


What do you set pnt at? I have a lot of noise in my current foliage anim.


I guess with pnt you mean what I call detail settings? (micropoly or polygon detail?)

I have extremely variing settings depending on the scene.
Scenes with fast movement I render with Detail about 0.3 AA 3 like the flight through the desert. Human eyes are too slow to see noise then.

In slow scenes like at the pool I used Detail 0.5 / AA5 because I needed fine deteils for the stars (from FrankB's planet pack)
If I don't see too much procedural details or they are covered with veggies I adjust the details that they don't come trough the objects (most 0.2-0.3 is ok)

GI is usual set to Detail 1 / Quality 1 and blurring 10-20. I write every 10th frame as GI cache file and read them interpolated for anim with 30-60 frames blended... I can't explain why but I get the best results with these settings.


Sometimes (in space scenes eg.) I just use one GI cache file and use it as "one file (exect filename)" ... I tried many settings and this was the only one to get rid of flickering, when I have fast movement of lights.

Example (Hey, this is an unpublished scene so far ;) )


In the edit sampling tab you can reduce the Pixel noise threshold (pnt) to get the pixel to subdivide earlier, which makes detail clearer if you need.
That's either amazing that you're using such low detail/aa or I am just really, really inept at rendering animation, because I am constantly getting noisy foliage (even with ray trace objects and the animation check done). I end up cranking above 12!
Those are really high settings for the GI (I think, but maybe that's what we're supposed to do).
Love that speeder anim and the dust is really believable.


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Quote from: dorianvan on May 28, 2017, 10:00:13 pm
In the edit sampling tab you can reduce the Pixel noise threshold (pnt) to get the pixel to subdivide earlier, which makes detail clearer if you need.

Oh... that I did not know about this means it must be on original values ;D

I think (only a theory) that my low levels work best on fast camera movements.
On slow moving camera scenes I keep the settings a bit higher (the close look at the clock in the poolhouse was AA8!
Some influence could come from my "making Full-HD workaround": I render all in 1280x720 and let XNView batch-convert all frames to 1920x1080 with highest quality settings - additionally I think video software (Magix Video Maker) cleans a bit of noice and flickering.

Additionally you should remember that there are many compressions and other smoothing components untill the videos reach your eyes:
My export from the single frames to a mp4
The compression of vimeo after upload
Some compression and the little mistakes that video software like VLC and your graphiccard and your monitor naturally make.


I like to zoom in on my animation a bit too much to see any noise. Hopefully, from the correct distance, filter helps, and correction it will look okay. I'll share soon on the Moses project thread. Thanks.