Bobbies song the Serenity and the truck

Started by DocCharly65, July 01, 2017, 06:12:52 AM

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Time to open the animation post for the Image sharing post:,23137.0.html

I hope it works because it's the first time I tried to set a link to facebook even for non FB members...
Could you please give me in info if the video cannot been seen? Then I'll add a vimeo link as before.

This is a "short version" because some animations are still rendering - I guess, the full teaser could be ready in 2-3 weeks.

Have fun ... "moooh" ;)


Ah, good morning Kadri ;D

thanks :)

And as you can see, I was not long sleeping ... already awake again at 8:30 - just wantd to test something - and now Iam tired again... I even forgot to drink my coffee!!! OK - outside it gets hot - so I can also drink it cold ;D

And then sleep again... a while...  :)


Fantastic again. You know you give away any rights when publishing on Facebook, don't you? It's in their agreement.

I love the song, good work, Bobby, and it's extremely funny to suddenly see the spacecraft, like it's very normal everyday occurrence. I would have expected (idea?) to have one or two lorries drive into the fields from being take by surprise.


Outch! Thanks for the hint, Ulco... the last hours I spent reading juristic texts in WEB...

Dangerous matter!
Fanfilms and copyrights are usually not such a big problem - but I was careful and changed the visibility on facebook to private (friends).

If facebook tries to earn via advertising with my pictures/vids - then I have a problem. They are legally allowed to use my pics but I don't know what happens if eg. paramount or sony film  see something like that.
Then I would have to delete every film and picture from Facebook.
Then I am safe again because Facebook is not allowed to use deleted material.

But I really hope that nothing serious happens, because if I need a lawyer to do my hobby - I would stop it. Then it's work and no more fun.

...anyway I'll must rerender a new intro :(
Using the expression "Startrek" in the title is definitely NOT allowed  :-\

... and I must reupload a version for the forum members, who are not at facebook... ok... vimeo again ;)

here the new link:



Awww neato!
Because my provider has a Facebook app for television, I make a private album in FB, also to which you can add contributors etc....
Then anyone who uses that same provider and is also a contributor can view it on any device with that streaming app. Contributors should be your best peeps that you trust.

I agree that when you are not doing this fun for profit you should not need a lawyer.

Thanks for providing the additional link!


This is how fast a scene can change  ;D

Actually, the witch was flat, dead ... but one of the paramount targets  (I think the other studios will have similar rules) is:
... In addition, the fanfilm must remain family-friendly.

So let's the witch stay alive ...
I think about additional cartoon figure eyes swimming on the green puddle. As a sign that she is still alive and has simply changed ...

What do you all mean?

I'll have to test if I perhaps can render only a cropped part.

Have fun... family friendly ;)  :